New City of Villains Issue 7 Screens

March 30, 2006

New City of Villains Issue 7 Screens

NCsoft and Cryptic Studios have
released a set of screenshots showing off new Patron Powers, which is a feature
being rolled out as part of the new high-level content released in the upcoming
expansion to City of Villains, Issue 7: Destiny Manifest. The patron powers
bestowed upon players who reach level 41 and have passed the trial set forth by
the City of Villains signature villain of their choice.

City of Villains PC screenshots
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Issue 7 is set for release in
April/May, and will be free to all current subscribers.

City of Villains Patron Powers

As a player in City of Villains, you have
completed the trial set before you by your Patron. You have survived a battle
against Ghost Widow’s true enemies, Black Scorpion’s own creator, Sirocco’s
dangerous djin, or Mako’s high-ranking nemesis. You have even come face to face
with your own fate as you confronted the very heart of Arachnos itself.

You have prevailed and thus earned your reward.
Accept your Patron Badge as a sign of honor – Scirocco will bestow the “Mirage”,
Mako “Blood In The Water”, Ghost Widow the “Spiders Kiss”, and Black Scorpion
“The Stinger”.

In addition to this badge, you will gain access
to one of 20 new power sets. Each Patron Power Pool contains 4 powers. Ghost
Widow focuses on harnessing the darkest undercurrents of the universe, Black
Scorpion relies on the blunt power of deadly technology, Mako calls upon the
malevolent spirits of the deep, and Scirocco draws from the electric strength of
the Mu.

The exact powers you acquire will be determined
by the unique combination of your Patron and your archetype. For instance,
Scirocco can grant you access to many of the Mu Mystic powers, but your
archetype will determine which specific Mu powers you will get. The powers you
gain will be those that your archetype cannot typically access on its own (for
example, Brutes will gain ranged attacks, while Corruptors will have access to
defensive armors).

The last power in most sets will allow you to
summon one of your Patron’s signature soldiers. For instance, if you choose
Ghost Widow, you can call forth a Fortunata. Black Scorpion will let you summon
an Arachnobot, Scirocco a Mu, and Captain Mako brings forth a Coralax.

With the free respec you gain when you complete
your Patron’s Arc, Patron Power selections will become available at threat
levels 41, 44, 47 and 49. Once you have mastered these unspeakable powers, your
strength will be rivaled by few among the City of Villains.