New Challenges For Dark Age Of Camelot

Challenges For Dark Age Of Camelot

GOA announces the latest Dark Age
expansion pack, Darkness Rising, and a new type of server for Europe.

Paris, October 10, 2005 – Almost
four years after its release, Dark Age Of Camelot has become one of the finest
examples of a cutting edge online game and persistent universe. With an original
concept, constant development and several variants available, the game
continuously keeps tens of thousands of European players on the edge of their
seats. This autumn’s program includes a new type of server and a new expansion
announced for early 2006.

A new type of server most awaited
by the community:
In Dark Age Of Camelot, the opening of a server has always
been a great event. The European servers have a large hosting capacity with no
waiting lists. Furthermore, with its game engine and France Telecom’s technical
platform, the players have the opportunity to take part in impressive sieges of
fortresses involving hundreds of characters at a time.

The “Classic” server is a new type
of server intended for players who are willing to limit the powers that stem
from time spent on the game or accumulation of several accounts. It offers a
variation of the current game by restricting access to some mighty magical
powers and objects which can only be obtained through complex and lengthy quests
in the Trials of Atlantis expansion. Additionally, the enhancement bonuses which
favors players who use several accounts simultaneously are revised downwards.
This server will open in a few weeks.

This server, which will be in
English, will constitute another meeting place for all the European player
communities along with the Player vs. Player server. While meeting the
expectations of a number of older players, it will remain accessible to fans of
massively multi-player games who have not yet experienced the full state of the
game. Incidentally, these players will benefit from a 14-day free trial offer
which will give them unrestricted access to all the French, English, German,
Italian and Spanish servers.

Darkness Rising – coming soon

As part of the program of perpetual
improvement, Dark Age of Camelot has benefited from five new patches since the
release of Catacombs in March 2005. The latest one has just been implemented on
the European servers, with a mysterious island emerging from the waters in the
frontier zone. Nevertheless, the most outstanding events are the releases of new
expansions, each of which adds a huge amount of new content.

Dark Age of Camelot’s sixth
expansion will be released in the United States on October 11. Mainly aimed at
intermediate to high level players, it follows on from Catacombs, in which most
of the content was accessible to very low levels. It includes mounts – that all
players from level 35 will be able to acquire – and new graphic improvements
such as the rendering of the capital cities. Most of all, it also enables
players to take part in a campaign and many quests which have been
conscientiously kept secret and which will allow the bravest to reach the rank
of realm Champion and obtain Champion weapons.

To be released in Europe at the
beginning of 2006, this expansion will be available in five languages (English,
French, German, Italian and Spanish).

About Dark Age Of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot is a second
generation massively multiplayer roleplaying game (MMORPG) in full 3D that
enables thousands of internet users to play together through their characters.
True epic sagas, these games are virtual and persistent places of adventure.
Their life is infinitely longer than that of classic video games.

With more than 350,000 boxes sold,
the game has enjoyed continuous success since its release in February 2002.
Published by GOA, France Telecom’s game department, the game is localized in
French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Dark Age of Camelot can only be
played online and can be downloaded for free as part of the trial offer. After
this period of free trial, it requires a valid subscription. Complete box sets
and expansions are available in stores or online.

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the game : 

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