New Assets for Chromehounds

April 17, 2006


SEGA has released new screenshots and a new video
for their upcoming 360 game, CHROMEHOUNDS. CHROMEHOUNDS is the first and only
squad-based, mech combat game set in a persistent world for the Xbox 360.
Players will be able to choose from six different kinds of Hounds – Soldiers,
Scouts, Snipers, Defenders, Heavy Gunners and Technical Commanders. Each Hound
can be fully customized with a huge array options to create a walking arsenal of
firepower with certain advantages and disadvantages when in combat. Players will
have to manage their Hounds through giant war zones fighting intense battles
where strategic planning, quick reflexes and team-based communication will be
the key to winning the CHROMEHOUNDS battle.

Click the link below to download the new trailer:


This week, you’ll find screens showing Soldier
Hounds take control of the battlefield. Soldiers are front line specialists who
play a vital role in close combat situations. Their main role is to destroy
enemy headquarters based on information and strategies given to them by their

CHROMEHOUNDS Xbox 360 screenshots
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