New Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Downloadable Content Revealed

November 19, 2007

New Ace Combat 6: Fires of
Liberation Downloadable Content Revealed

NAMCO BANDAI Games today revealed
information and assets for the five new plane variants for Ace Combat (r) 6:
Fires of Liberation that will be available for download from the Xbox LIVE(r)
Marketplace on Wednesday, November 21. With their own unique look and new
attributes, these new additions to each player’s hangar will let them strike
fear into their opponents as they tear through the skies.

Su-33 Flanker – The
Idolmaster Miki: Providing American gamers with a taste of the smash hit
Idolmaster series, this variation gives the Su-33 added stability and an
undeniable flair for the dramatic.

F16C – Historic Windhover:
Sacrificing stability and durability for unparalleled freedom of movement, this
plane is the same as the one used by Emmerian freedom fighter and Garuda team
member Daniel Pollini.

Mirage 2000-5 – Experimental:
This phenomenally fast aircraft is the culmination of exhaustive research on
thrust refinement. This increase in speed comes at the cost of stability, making
it suited to only the most skilled pilots.

A-10A – Thunder Shark: This
highly recognizable plane exchanges missiles for a devastatingly powerful
Gatling gun, using its increased stability to hit its mark.

F/A-18F – Scarface Emblem:
Bearing the insignia of the heroes of Ace Combat 2, this aircraft’s armor has
been reinforced at the expense of maneuverability.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is
currently available in stores nationwide for the Xbox 360. For more information
on the game, please visit