New 360 Screens For NBA 2K6

New 360 Screens For NBA 2K6

We Have Shots For The Most Realistic Basketball Title the Industry Has
Ever Seen!!

The arrival of Xbox 360 is right around the
corner, so we wanted to ensure you are aware of 2K Sports’ launch titles (NBA
2K6, NHL 2K6, and Amped 3), as well as the following assets for NBA 2K6 – the
most realistic basketball title the industry has ever seen!! Although seeing is
believing, you won’t believe the screen shots and game play videos for NBA 2K6.

Some of NBA 2K6’s Xbox 360-exclusive features

  • NBA Player Models come to life as never seen
    before with

  • revolutionary new graphic technology featuring
    all-new animations, muscle driven body morphs, ultra high- resolution detail,
    player sweat technology and realistic player head-and-eye tracking.

  • True-Life cloth simulation technology delivers
    the most remarkable lifelike cloth movement system on player’s shorts and

  • The power of the Xbox 360 creates dramatic new
    lighting techniques including bounce lighting, high dynamic range, and
    authentic arena lighting arrays sampled from actual NBA basketball arenas to
    recreate extraordinarily detailed and lifelike in-stadium atmospheres filled
    with over 10,000 individual crowd models.

  • New dramatic broadcast style brings electric
    NBA action through new dynamic camera work, new camera perspective closer to
    the action, and depth of field effects.

  • The most current player transactions,
    off-season movement, and rookie signings for upcoming 2005-2006 NBA season.

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