New Zealand Retailer Lists God of War IV Then Removes It

"Oop! Something's not quite right here …" Those are the misguided words that greet you when you go to New Zealand retailer Mighty Ape. Specifically, they're the words that appear when you go to this link which originally featured a listing for God of War IV.

According to The Sixth Axis, the retailer featured a fan-made God of War image on the listing. Obviously, this wacky electronics shop jumped the gun and immediately posted the listing without having any official confirmation. That's actually kind of funny when you really think about it.

Still, it's probable that Sony is indeed working on God of War IV. Rumors have been prominent about a new entry in the series for some time now, and a recent job listing for the game practically confirmed it. Subtle? Not really.

I'm all for a God of War IV. That reminds me, I really need to play God of War III. Yeah, I've been lagging it with that game. Don't judge me.