New Xbox features in the works; Next Achievements, Do Not Disturb, More

Some user feedback related features and some QOL features.


Microsoft is working on bringing a bunch of new features to the Xbox One and they are going out for testing.

Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring will be the first ones to check out the upcoming features in the latest Xbox One system update. The first new features Insiders will be able to test out is the “Next Achievements” feature in Guide.

The Next Achievements feature enables you to view and sort a cross-games list of upcoming Achievements. As well as, see which Achievements you are closest to, and launch the game to obtain them. There are sort filters that allow you to prioritize next Achievements by closest, most common, rarest, most common rare, and highest Gamerscore.

On top of the “Next Achievements” feature, Insiders will be able to test additional features as they work their way through the Xbox One Update preview rings.

  • Mini Game Hubs: Soon to be available in the Guide. Will be able to access content for games you’ve played recently from a Game Hub without ever having to leave the action. Mini Game Hubs provide an easy way to see friends who are currently playing, upcoming Achievements, Looking for Group posts, and more.
  • “Do not disturb” online status will suppress notifications and let your friends know that you’re not available for another game or activity right now.
  • Quality of life improvement for comments. You’ll soon be able to see a peek of the most recent comments on community posts while viewing the activity in full screen. Comments are also being rearranged to place those that are most recent at the top and you will be able to see who has liked your comments.
  • Additional inactivity shutdown options are being added to the Power mode & startup menu. In addition to shutting down the console after one or six hours of inactivity, you will be able to select options for two, three, four and five hours.

Some users might find themselves testing additional experimental features. They are only enabled for a portion of the Xbox Insider audience members and are meant to gauge interest and collect feedback.