New Xbox 720 in the Works? Logo Appears in Real Steel Trailer

Is Microsoft hinting at a new console?  Or are the folks responsible for the Real Steel just playing a huge prank on us?

If you look closely at the new trailer for Hugh Jackman's robot boxing movie, you will be able to spot an Xbox 720 logo in a  wide shot of the arena.  The logo appears in the advertising banners wrapping around the arena.

Many have dismissed this in-movie ad for the Xbox 720 as a gag.  Considering the film takes place in 2020, they could just be making a joke on the future of the gaming industry.  Of course, Microsoft could very well release a new console by 2020 (and probably will).  And it very well could be the Xbox 720.  There have been plenty of rumors surrounding a new Xbox console, and this wouldn't be the first time Microsoft foreshadowed a console or console add-on in a movie.

You might recall a scene in the movie The Island where Ewan Mcgregor and Scarlet Johanson face-off in a virtual fight.  The two stand behind glass walls as their digital avatars actually do the fighting.  Sounds like nothing, right?  But if you look closely, you will notice that the scene is heavily branded with Xbox logos in the background.  Suddenly, the scene is very similar to the Kinect.

Now you could write that off as just product placement, and that very well could be what is happening with the Xbox 720 logo in Real Steel.  But if you like conspiracies, as I do, then maybe The Island did actually allude to the Kinect.  Maybe, just maybe, Real Steel is foreshadowing the Xbox 720.

You can check out both the Real Steel trailer (The logo is at the 0:46 mark) below.

Hopefully we don't have to wait until 2020 for a new Xbox console.  What are your thoughts?  Is the Xbox 720 real or is this just a big joke?