New Xbox 360 update is just ‘behind the scenes stuff’

Microsoft released a new Xbox 360 update today.  As spotted by gamers on NeoGAF, and confirmed by us, today's update takes your dashboard version from 2.0.14717.0 (the update from last week) to 2.0.14719.9.

This is the second update that has been pushed out in as many weeks from Microsoft who said they are aiming to "keep Xbox LIVE the best experience possible."

Last week's update fixed the color problems caused by last December's Xbox 360 dashboard redesign.  It also restored the Xbox LIVE Indie Games service to prominence, making it visible on the "top level" of the Marketplace section next to tabs for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Games on Demand.

This week, the changes should be a little less noticeable as Xbox social marketing manager Graeme "Aceybongos" Boyd tweeted:

"Nothing visible, just behind the scenes stuff to keep Xbox Live the best experience possible."