New WWE ’13 screenshots show off ‘I Quit’ and ‘King of the Ring’ matches

A quartet of new WWE '13 screens have been released highlighting two popular types of wrestling matches: "I Quit" and "King of the Ring".

The first set of screenshots recreate the infamous 1999 "I Quit" match between The Rock and Mankind. For those unfamiliar, an "I Quit" match can only be won by having the opponent actually stating, "I quit." Merely tapping out in submission is not enough.

The second set of screens display the recently revived King of the Ring single-elimination tournament. Brought back as an inter-brand event for both Raw and SmackDown, the King of the Ring screenshots show the recognizable bracket along with CM Punk sitting on a throne.

WWE '13 is set to release on October 30, 2012. Pre-ordering today will land you iconic superstar, "Iron" Mike Tyson.