New World of Warcraft expansion “Warlords of Draenor” boosts characters to level 90, increases cap to 100, and has new character models

Chris Metzen, senior vp of story and franchise development for Blizzard Entertainment, took to the stage today at BlizzCon to discuss World of Warcraft. Where is Warcraft going from here?

30 in-game years ago, an army of brutal demons led by baddies like Blackhand and Kilrogg came through a portal from Draenor. The races of Azeroth came together to found a union based on honor and righteousness. This alliance saved the world. Blah blah blah. But  Metzen asked, "What if those dark days could come again? Alliance, how would you respond now?" He said that the dark days ahead will test you, as you fight a savage enemy and try to not become savage yourself. It will be the Alliance's finest hour.

And the Horde? They've been through some rough times. But now they have a chance at a new start. A chance to redefine themselves in a brave, new world. In the adventure to come, "there will be honor to be served, and there will be asses to kick."

Are you ready for the next expansion for World of Warcraft

It's called Warlords of Draenor

During a quick trailer, we learned a few things (which they'll be expanding on later). First, the level cap is increased to 100, and you can play right away by being boosted to 90. There are new character models, garrisons can be built and upgraded, there's new Battlegrounds, new world, new raids and so much more.

Check back for more information later.

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