New WildStar DevSpeak talks Warplots

Back in March, we were invited to an press-only event for WildStar, where we were shown the game's huge end-game/Elder-game 40v40 PvP matches known as Warplots. The goal is simple: destroy the other team's base, but as we showed in our preview that is easier said than done. Earlier this month at PAX East, we were again led on a behind-closed-doors tour of Warplots and shown the process of building one of these PvP deathtraps. Why am I telling you all of this? Because today, Carbine Studios' "strategic genius," Stephen Frost, has released a new DevSpeak in which he talks the strategy element in Warplots.

In the video, he briefly recaps the Warplot PvP system, while highlighting the "perfect strategy" behind attacking and defending. 

WildStar is due out on June 3. For more on Warplots, Battlegrounds and Arenas, check out our WildStar PvP article. You can also check out some gameplay footage of the PvP Battleground Walatiki Temple.