New Twisted Metal Multiplayer Details

Got a Sweet Tooth for some new Twisted Metal news? (See what I did there?) Well, some new details about the game's multiplayer has been revealed by David Jaffe. For private matches, you will be able to adjust the amount of Heavy Vehicles (Juggernaut, Talon, Junkyard Dog). Apparently, the amount of Heavy Vehicles can range from none to infinite. There will also be:

  • 17 Competitive Multiplayer Vehicles
  • 7 Online Modes
  • Co-op Split screen for Story

It was also announced by Jaffe that there will be no Collector Edition for game at launch, and depending on how the game sells, one might be released later. That's a disappointment for hardcore Twisted Metal fans, but you'll be able to buy RC Vehicles and T-shirts of your favorite characters separately.