New Tomb Raider ‘Crossroads’ E3 trailer is painfully good

Last night Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed the new "Crossroads" trailer for Tomb Raider, which demonstrates over three minutes of the title's cinematic scenes and gameplay.

The trailer shows an exasperated Lara Croft breaking free from a trap in the ceiling and escaping to the jungle outside. There she tries to make contact with a rescue team and interacts with both friend and foe. Veterans of the series will note some old conventions — the infamous rolling boulders, her use of the torch — as well as new elements, like a traditional bow and arrow that helps her survive the wilderness and defend herself against enemies.

Crystal Dynamics sets the mood for a brutal, violent, and chaotic adventure that pushes a fledgling Lara to her limits. The trailer also makes a nice nod to past games and even Indiana Jones with the line, "I hate tombs." Let us know what you think!

Tomb Raider is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 5, 2013.

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