New TellTale Games’ Poker Night 2 trailer details in-game unlocks

Earlier this month, TellTale had gamers at their wits end after “announcing” TellTale Games’ Poker Night 2 on April Fools’ Day. “Is it real?” “Are they kidding?” These were just two of the dozens of questions posed throughout the day, but after all the commotion somewhat subsided, TellTale confirmed that it’s indeed a real thing, and that it’s coming this month.

On that note, today TellTale released a new trailer for Poker Night 2 that showcases the games’ countless unlocks. If you’re in the dark about this all, as you play Poker Night 2 you can earn unlocks depending on which platform you’re playing on. For instance, players will be able to earn new skins and heads for their Borderlands 2 character, while Steam owners will be treated to Team Fortress 2 items. And if that’s not enough, other unlocks confirmed are avatar props for Xbox 360, new themes centered on the Poker Night 2 guest characters for PlayStation 3 and in-game items like themed poker chips, cards, and felts.

Below you can check out the new trailer for TellTale Games’ Poker Night 2. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the upcoming game by commenting below.