New Technomancer trailer shows off companion abilities and attitudes

Don't piss them off. They may just leave you.

The Technomancer is making incredible strides as Focus Home Interactive and Spider Studios set high marks for their new action-RPG. Set on Mars, we've seen plenty of gameplay so far along with how crafting and battle systems will be setup. One thing we have not seen, until today of course, is how our companions will impact our gameplay. 

A new trailer released today shows just how this will happen. There will be multiple companions in our party, but we will only be able to take two with us at any one time out into the world to explore. Just as in large scale MMOs, companions have their own leveling system, gear sets and abilities. Technomancer takes it one step farther and provides them their own attitude as well. With every companion having their own moral code and belief system, they may decide to leave our group if our actions do not fit their code of beliefs. This new addition will drastically impact how we play the game, and Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer today showing off just how the companions intteract in game. 

Your companions all have their agenda or preoccupations. They regularly ask you for help or for favors. Should you decide to accept their requests, you will trigger a special series of missions that let you learn more about their past. These quests follow their unique scenario that enriches the main story. Completing these side quests will add numerous hours of gameplay, and will improve your relationship with your companions. 

Your companions level up alongside you. Each one gets his own inventory from where you can modify their gear at any time. Equip them with new weapons and armour that you can upgrade with your crafting talents. Make sure to provide them with the best equipment, you will drastically increase their survivability and lethality. And, you can also make sure they look appropriately badass as they run with you around the deadly place that is Mars. 

Each of your companions has his/her own behavior, opinions, and moral code. If you act too much against their beliefs, they might get so upset that they would go so far as to leave your group. On the contrary, shine and prove worthy of their trust, and you'll nurture friendships… or even romances. All your decisions will have irreversible consequences on Mars and its inhabitants!

The Technomancer releases June 28th on PS4, Xbox One and PC