New Tales from the Borderlands screenshots released

Telltale Games has released a new batch of screenshots from their upcoming episodic game series, Tales from the Borderlands. The new images provide a closer look at the upcoming series which is set on Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2.

Though details about the upcoming series are still rather limited, we do know that you'll be playing as two characters, alternating between each story throughout the game. The characters — Rhyse, a scheming, low-level data-miner within Hyperion who is plotting his own grand ambitions; and Fiona, a clever and classic fast-talking con-artist born and raised on Pandora out to pull off the grift of a lifetime — are each telling their own side of a story, as interpreted by them.

"Each of our two main characters are both kind of telling fish stories the whole time where their version of events are kind of suspect," explained Telltale Games co-founder and president Kevin Bruner at a SXSW panel back in March. "Like, did things really go down that way? And the game doesn't necessarily present the truth. The true story lies somewhere in the middle, but your never really playing what actually happened."

Neither of the characters you'll be playing as are vault hunters, but they will come across some, such as Zer0 (as you can see in the screenshots) and other characters from the world of Borderlands 2