New Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms Possibly Revealed

Amiibo boxes hints at new kingdoms.

YouTuber Apermax has possibly revealed something pretty interesting about Super Mario Odyssey. In their latest video, they analyze the wording in the Amiibo box's background to piece together the names of the kingdoms we'll be seeing in the next Mario title.

The number of kingdoms in the upcoming game has been a regular point of discussion and is something Nintendo has yet to reveal. Take a look at their theory.

The video lists the Snow Kingdom, the Lake Kingdom, and the well-known Mushroom Kingdom. Including those shown at E3, and the few Nintendo has revealed since that makes 10 Kingdoms so far.

So far, the assumed count includes:

Metro Kingdom
Sand Kingdom
Wooded Kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom
Cap Kingdom
Cascade Kingdom
Seaside Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom
Snow Kingdom
Lake Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27, 2017.