New Super Luigi U: Who is this Nabbit fellow?

Nintendo today revealed that a new playable character will be available in the upcoming Super Luigi U DLC for New Super Mario Bros. UHis name is Nabbit; some of you — especially those who actually own New Super Mario Bros U. — should recognize him. For those of you who don't, this is the rundown. 

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Nabbit was a character that stole items from Toad's house and you'd have to chase him through several stages. In the upcoming Super Luigi U DLC, you'll actually be able to play as Nabbit, but not in the same way as you'd play Luigi. Nabbit has different abilities: his speed and jump are the same as the other characters, but he can not power up — even if he collects items. Instead, he won't take damage when he touches enemies.

The reason this applies to those of you who don't own New Super Mario Bros. U is because Nintendo also revealed that a standalone packaged version of New Super Luigi U will also be available on August 25. And although the physical copy is a bit more expensive at $29.99 (instead of the digital version's $19.99), you won't actually need a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U to play it.

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