New Starhawk trailer showcases awesome vehicular combat

To be honest we haven't been keeping up much on PlayStation 3 exclusive Starhawk, but after seeing this trailer we're definitely intrigued. Though the on-foot sections look like some solid run n' gun, it's the multiple vehicle options that have us excited, especially knowing of the game's promised 32-player multiplayer. The classic Warhawk fighters return, as well as motorcycles, mechs and even a jet pack. Check out the trailer, does this exclusive look like the next Uncharted?

Info: Emmett Graves is a rift salvager, a hired gun who has a reputation for eliminating threats and saving claims. There has been no job too tough for him and his crew to tackle, but when a new contract sends him back to his old hometown of White Sands, Emmett is all that stands between it's salvation and a War Band lead by an infamous Outlaw.