New Star Wars Battlefront mode teased, again!

EA looks to be teasing Fighter Squadron mode

EA Stars Wars is teasing us with a new mode, again! Taking a look at their official Facebook page, we can see that the mode will involve some sort of spacecraft. With the picture of the iconic X-Wing and subtitle "Prepare to take off…" possibly suggesting the new reveal will be for "Fighter Squadron". 

It has been stated already by EA that there will be spaceship dogfights in Star Wars Battlefront, but no space battles. Instead dogfights will take place on the vistas of the planets that they have created, for example Hoth, Tatooine, and Endor. We got a glimpse of this during the E3 2015 gameplay trailer which you can watch above, but with Gamescom this week we can expect to see some brand new gameplay. 
EA has recently just shared another mode with us a couple of days ago, Blast mode. Blast pits two teams of 10 against each other in 10-minute matches in a standard deathmatch where the first team to 100 kills wins. Blast matches are played on custom-made, condensed maps. However, DICE stated that “these aren’t just smaller versions of maps used elsewhere.”
EA still has many modes to show off, including Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Drop Zone, and Cargo — and that's not even including the other Missions, like Battles, Hero Battles, and Trials.
Star Wars Battlefront is set release this November on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, expect to hear more news from Gamescom later this week and stick to GameZone for the latest updates.

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadrons