New Skullgirls trailer highlights fighters and their specific style

Autumn Games has released more details about the upcoming Skullgirls fighting game for the PS3 and Xbox 360. In a dev diary on, Peter Bartholow, designer and producer at Reverge Labs (Skullgirls developer), yesterday released a story trailer and even more details regarding the new 2D downloadable fighter.

The trailer is almost three minutes long and will give you a good look into the story and gameplay. It highlights each Skullgirl giving tidbits of information and fighting style about each one, essentially giving more information on the story behind the fighting hotties. Other than the main attraction, the trailer, Bartholow goes into even more detail about each mode that Skullgirls will offer.  In addition to the information on the different modes, PS3 players will be interested to know that there will be four exclusive trophies.

Bartholow ended the diary by explaining more information will be released on the exclusive trophies in the coming weeks along with the 8th and final character in Skullgirls. Of course, most of you are still looking for a release date, and that still hasn't been announced as of yet, but here is the new story trailer for Skullgirls. Enjoy! []