New shipment of PS4s arrive at GameStop

Video game retail giant GameStop has announced that it has received an additional shipment of PlayStation 4 consoles to "help meet customer demand."

“As expected, we experienced tremendous customer demand for the new PS4 console during the initial launch and throughout the holiday season, selling out of the consoles just as quickly as we could stock them,” said Darron Nielsen, Senior Merchant for GameStop. “We have been working closely with Sony to replenish our inventory levels of the PS4 as quickly as possible to ensure the many customers still looking to purchase one are able to do so.”

GameStop didn't mention exaclty how many units it received, or how many will be in stock at each of its locations, so I'd recommend calling ahead (or checking online). I'm sure, given the demand of the PS4, that these will sell out very quickly, so be sure to act quick.

Earlier this month, Sony revealed that over 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold worldwide as of December 28th, despite being outsold by the Xbox One in December.  Sony explained that its sales were hampered by lack of supply due to "overwhelming consumer demand."