New screenshots for The Wolf Among Us


Telltale has just announced the PS3 and PC/Mac versions of The Wolf Among Us will be available Friday, October 11. Still awaiting the PS3 release date.


Telltale Games has released a fresh batch of screenshots for its upcoming series The Wolf Among Us. The images show off slew of characters presumably which will be seen in the first episode of the series, expected to debut this October.

Included in the images are main protagonist Bigby Wolf who is tasked with keeping these fairy tail characters in line so that they remain hidden and protected from other non-magical citizens in New York. You'll notice while sifting through the images the dark tone of The Wolf Among Us, which is actually based on Bill Willingham's Fable comic series.

In the images you can see Bigby lighting up a cigarette for Snow White, Mr. Toad clearly in distress, Bigby transforming into the Big Bad Wolf and Bufkin, a winged monkey from the magical land of Oz.

The Wolf Among Us is currently available for pre-order for PC and Mac. While Telltale has yet to formally announced a release date, the first episode of the series is expected to release in October. We're also awaiting an announcement regarding the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.