New ransomware asks victims to ‘send nudes’ to retrieve locked data

Because BTC is *so* last week.

Most of the time when someone mentions malware, you're thinking Trojans and computer viruses. Unfortunately, there are plenty of malicious software types and one of them just hit a new level. 

By definition, ransomware is a type of malware that is crafted to lock or block access to your computer's files until a ransom is paid. In recent years, ransomware has asked for a Bitcoin payment, but now, a new ransomware asks for a bit more than that – your nudes. 

That's right, nudes.

Identified by security researcher MalwareHunterTeam, the new ransomware has been named 'nRansomware' and detailed to come with a note which itself is accompanied by details on how to get your data back, as well as the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song and images of Thomas the Tank. 

The note details that those infected by nRansomware must make a new email address on the anti-NSA encrypted email service, ProtonMail, and send at least 10 nudes of themselves for the scammer to then sell on the dark web. The victim's data will only be returned once the images have been verified to be the victim.

“Your computer has been locked. You can only unlock it with the special unlock code,” reads the message. “Go to and create an account. Send an email to We will not respond immediately. After we reply, you must send at least 10 nude pictures of you.”

“After that, we will have to verify that the nudes belong to you. Once you are verified, we will give you your unlock code and sell your nudes on the deep web.”

VirusTotel lists nRansomware as “Troj.W32.Inject.tnKf” and details it to perform actions that are not authorized by the computer's user, which allows access to data. 

Malware can hit your computer through spam emails, porn websites, pirated downloads, or the freeware bundle. So, think twice before downloading or clicking unknown links and always scan things before you download them.