New PixelJunk game Nom Nom Galaxy comes to Steam Early Access

The newest PixelJunk game, Nom Nom Galaxy (formerly PixelJunk Inc.) has arrived on Steam Early Access for PC — hot and fresh and ready for consuming.

The alpha version of Q-Games' sandbox-style tower-defense title is available for $20. As Astroworkers of Soup Co., players search faraway planets for tasty soup ingredients to feed their hungry customers. But you'll have to contend with foreign animal and plant life, unknown elements, and rival corporations to get them and keep your factory in working order.

"This is the first time a PixelJunk game has been available to the world in such a … uncooked state, if you will," Q-Games wrote on its blog. "We’re both excited and terrified by the prospects!

"Many features are still being designed or have yet to be implemented. You’re also likely to run into bugs, both funny and frustrating. But one of the best things about this interactive development process is that we can hear from you about what’s working and what isn’t, which will help us make Nom Nom Galaxy that more delicious."

Nom Nom Galaxy supports split-screen co-op as well as competitive play. It's the only PixelJunk title not available on one of Sony's platforms, but Q-Games said in November 2012 that it wasn't "jumping ship."

“We also want to rapidly iterate on the game following release, and Steam is probably the best platform around for this at the moment," lead designer Rowan Parker told Eurogamer. "Steam also has some interesting features we want to explore, like the new 'Big Picture mode.' I'm also particularly interested to hear how their recent Linux Beta is going."