New Pikmin hitting Wii U

Nintendo has unveiled a new Pikmin title for the Wii U.

The "real-time action management game" involves managing your swarm of 100 Pikmin and shows their individual movements. The developers have refined the camera thanks to the enhanced resolution of the Wii U.

Shigeru Miyamoto showed off new rock Pikmin. These can find material to build bridges. 

With the motion technology, players can aim at specific targets. The basic controls use the Wii Remote+ and Nunchuk. Players can smoothly switch between Pikmin types and aim them at enemy body parts.

The GamePad constantly shows an overall map of the game so that players can strategically place Pikmin. The game can also be controlled solely with the new controller.

Players can control up to four leaders while completing tasks. Miyamoto said Captain Olimar's omission is "a secret." Leaders can throw each other to different spots, and the GamePad allows players to check the status of all four leaders at one glance.

One mode is Challenge Mode, which requires players to collect as much fruit as they can within the time limit. Players can watch videos of their previous play-throughs as reference for future attempts.

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