New Pid trailer shows off awesome boss fight

A new trailer for Pid, Might & Delight's upcoming puzzle platformer, was released on the good ol' internet. The video, which you can watch above, starts off with a neat animated sequence that's followed up by an intense boss fight.

The battle features a massive and daunting enemy, but it's kind of tough to really hate him when he's so darn charming. Add to that the stellar art style of Pid, and you've got a game that looks like it will be fairly challenging yet easy on the eyes, which means it'll be impossible to hate.

Pid is scheduled to launch across digital download platforms sometime this year. A specific release date has yet to be announced by Might & Delight, but here's hoping the studio reveals that info in the near future.

I had a blast playing Pid at this year's E3, and though it certainly challenged me, I left the demo wanting more. For a closer look at the upcoming 2D puzzle platformer, check out my hands-on preview of the game.

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