New Pentakill app fulfills all your League of Legends knowledge needs

Much like a Mejai’s Soulstealer, the League of Legends community is only going to keep snowballing the more popular Riot’s free online MOBA game gets.  If there was a League of Legends app with 20 stacks, it would be Twin Engine Labs’ Pentakill App.  That’s 180 AP and 15% cooldown reduction holmes.

Last time I checked, there were 49 reviews and it’s sitting pretty at 4 ½ stars.  The Pentakill app is a full on knowledge bomb of LoL information.  Every one of the 100+ champions (including Zyra) are there with their base stats, role, abilities, scaling, lore, and skins.  Every item exists, runes divided by type and tier, and summoner spells.  Oh, and all of this information updates live with Riot – possibly faster.  So yea, that’s a thing.

That’s a nice foundation isn’t it?  I hate to break it to you (not really), but that is just the tippy top of the iceberg.  Why?  Well, I can’t say – yet.  What I can say is that the things this app will be capable of doing will be revealed the middle of this mouth.  As an abed League of Legends player myself, I can honestly say that these features are quite remarkable.  Will this app make you better at LoL?  Of course not; but it WILL give you the knowledge that you’ll need to make the correct changes yourself.  After all, you can take a badie to water but you can’t make it drink.      

I’ve enjoyed doing the whole social media (smack talking) experience that has transpired with the GameZone team and the Twin Engine Lab team the last few days; good humored folk there.  Follow them on the Twitter and Facebooks.  Prepare for a big event going down the 15th of this month (more below).  I’d recommend getting comfortable with the app before the new changes kick in.

Trust me, their app is better than their game play.  All support team too stronk (video NOT part of the app).

As part of the debut for the Pentakill App, Twin Engine Labs are holding a tournament.  Here you can watch them fail hard play against the community.  The event is called the 'Revenge of the Devs."  It will take place August 15th and will start at 7 PM central time.  Click on the link above to learn more and or watch the video below.  Poor Ken.  

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