New ‘Nintendo MH’ handheld console in the works?

This is not the new console you were looking for...

A new handheld console is being developed by Nintendo according to a Japanese financial report.

Much like the highly-anticipated Nintendo NX, this console has also been handed a two letter codename – the 'MH.'

The codenamed – and somewhat mysterious console project – was discovered on a NeoGAF forum after they translated and dug through a recent Yahoo Japan finance piece.

Nevertheless, some would suggest that while this console has not been mentioned or referred to directly as of yet, it could be the rumoured handheld companion of the upcoming NX console.

Below is a translated section of the Yahoo Japan story. Check it out: 

"The driving force up until now has been new business from "health services, theme parks and mobile games etc", but will switch over to the next generation game system (NX) and next-gen handheld game device (MH (temporary name))."

It has been reported that the Nintendo NX will play no part in Nintendo's E3 schedule, with the console expected to land in March 2017. However, for all we know, the Nintendo MH could be unveiled at E3 this year instead. 

Not many specific details have came to light in regards to the Nintendo MH, but we will keep you updated with any further developments, should they arise. If Nintendo is truly creating a new handheld, it would fall in line with the multiple patents that have been filed for a secondary device.

In fact, if this secondary device relied on the same chips that 3DS games use, the rumors that have been pointing at a diskless NX console might also suggest that the new handheld and 3DS could share games.

In the meantime, enjoy guessing what 'MH' stands for. Send us your suggestions in the comments section below.