New NBA Live 14 patch includes visual upgrades and animations improvements

The second patch for EA Sports' NBA Live 14 is live… get it?

A hard effort to make the game better after horrible reviews is finally starting to take form, as fans on Twitter seem to be generally pleased with the latest changes. 

First off, there's a new shootaround mode, where you can use any NBA player in a gym that lets you get accustomed to dribbling, shooting and signature moves. Coming off of the last patch, which adjusted the timing of shots to make jumpshots easier, Shootaround lets you practice in a stress-free environment and is a practice mode a lot of players have been asking for. 

There's also the official court and jerseys for NBA All-Star Weekend, as well as some additional Adidas Hardwood Classic uniforms. 

The big changes are to the visuals, animations, and gameplay. Visually, lighting and uniforms have been adjusted so there's an enhanced look now, not plastic-y like it has been. For gameplay, responsiveness and control for first step and dribble moves were improved. Improvements have been made to passing with ball physics, pass speeds and animations all being adjusted for better responsiveness and animation quality. 

Not only should these changes continue to improve NBA Live 14, but they'll help build the next version of the game. 

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