New naval combat for Black Desert Online shown off in new gameplay teaser trailer

Venture out into one of the most expansive seas in any MMORPG

As developer Kakao Games begins to gear up for Gamescom 2016, the team has decided to release a small teaser trailer showcasing what fans of the game have been waiting to see: naval combat. The Naval Expansion is expected to be added to the game sometime in Q4 2016 and will be free to all players. The studio plans to show off the mode in greater detail to the press during Gamescom 2016 in Cologne just under a month from now. 

Black Desert Online's Naval Expansion will increase the size of the game's already massive world and will introduce a variety of new gameplay features. Players will be able to establish trade routes, hunt monsters, find treasure, engage in player-driven naval conflicts, or just simply explore. 

Kakao Games has a great showing planned for Gamescom 2016, as they will be hosting a PvP tournament, allowing extended hands-on playing time with the game, and showcasing a new Class Awakening system. Get ready Black Desert fans, one of the biggest games on the planet is about to get bigger.