New Mount & Blade: Warband DLC shows off its Napoleon complex

From occupying Calradia to the invasion of Russia, Warband fans will have a new war to look forward to this year. Paradox Interactive and Taleworlds Entertainment today announced the next DLC for popular action RPG Mount & Blade Warband. Napoleonic Wars is a multiplayer expansion pack that will take players back to the final years of Napoleon's conquest in this massive update for the definitive open-world sandbox series.

Mount & Blade: Warband is an action RPG that utilizes medieval weapons, units, combat techniques—especially cavalry—and strategy exclusively. It does not feature magic. It is a standalone expansion of the original game's universe and play mechanics, meaning that the original Mount & Blade game is not necessary for play. In single player mode players create a character, align themselves with one of the five fictional, yet historically realistic, factions existing in the gameworld and set off to carve out a realm for themselves is the kingdom of Calradia. Along the way they will meet units of other factions on the field of battle and with continued success against them gain experience and level up their character, and units. Along with being able to control their character, players are able to command and control their units in a real-time strategy (RTS) like capacity. Unlike the original game, in Warband players are afforded more diplomatic tools and strategies—such as political marriages—which can ultimately allow them to move beyond simply overthrowing a monarch, instead allowing them to take the throne themselves and even install vassals.