New Max Payne 3 Trailer Could Showcase Multiplayer, Coming This Month

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Today, Rockstar Games answered many questions regarding Max Payne 3.  In a comilation post of questions asked via email and Twitter, Rockstar Games clarified several questions stemming from the first trailer, including setting/location and when we can expect the second Max Payne 3 trailer.

When asked, "When is trailer 2 coming?"

Rockstar revealed, "Expect another all-new Max Payne 3 video this month. We’ve got so much more that we’re excited to show you from that game, including a first glimpse at multiplayer, but we are not sure exactly what form the videos will take yet…"

Rockstar also attempted to put some doubts to rest.  With Max Payne 3 replacing nightime New York City with sunny São Paulo, Brasil, many gamers worry that the "noir feel" of Max Payne might be lost resulting in a completely different feel from the unique experience of the first two games.  Rockstar had this to say on the issue of creating the signature "noir feel":

"Trust that the streets of São Paulo will be plenty dark and dangerous – we’re being very faithful to the heritage of Max Payne, who is still the same gritty hard-boiled NYC cop now off the force, at his lowest point and plunged into peril in a foreign land. And yes, Max’s signature monologues and Bullet Time® abilities will be back in full effect.

To us, and especially after such a long absence since Max Payne 2, to simply continue Max’s story in New York City was nowhere near as interesting a challenge as taking that same character and pushing him to his absolute breaking point in a very dangerous and exotic locale many, many miles from home. There was simply nowhere for Max to go in New York after Max Payne 2.

Also – we are a little confused by the idea that noir is a New York genre. If anything, it was originally a Los Angeles genre, but to us, ‘noir’ means a range of narrative themes and a certain visual style and we believe Max Payne 3 certainly embodies noir. We hope you will too when you see more and play it."

Perhaps the most shocking change could be Max Payne shown shaving his head in the first trailer.  Rockstar responded to fans questions about the new look:

"Ha, Max isn’t much of a narcissist but we think he’d be flattered that people are so fond of his locks.
By the time Max Payne 3 takes place, Max has really found himself fallen on hard times and in a very tough spot in a distant, unforgiving place. He’s tried to escape the demons he left behind in New York by taking up an opportunity to start over with a security gig far away in São Paulo, Brazil – but as you’ll see when you play the game for yourself next spring, between an unforeseen turn of events with some quite nasty associates, and Max’s proclivity for the bottle – things don’t quite go as smoothly as hoped, taking Max to a torturous breaking point…"

Of course, with the new setting, native South Americans were quick to point out flaws in the original trailers interpretation of São Paulo.

"We’re excited to be making our first game world foray into South America for sure. As Rockstar fans know, when we have games set in real world locations, we take great pains to ensure authenticity. You may have noticed that we jumped to correct some slight informational errors about São Paulo in our Pop-up-trailer post recently. While the world of Max Payne 3 won’t be a literal recreation of São Paulo, we’re still making sure it’s got all the right inspirational touch points. And not to worry, throughout the story of Max Payne 3, you’ll see not only the favelas but certainly the more glamorous and prestigious areas of the city as well. The contrast between rich and poor was very important to us. As was the rain…"

Though Rockstar "definitely recommend" playing the original Max Payne titles to familiarize yourself with the character,  they did say, "it’s not entirely necessary to have played the first two games – obviously you would know more about Max as a character if you had done, but it is no way obligatory."

Rockstar answered plenty of other fan questions about Max Payne 3, including a few questions about L.A. Noire's release on PC. To check out all of the Q&A session go to the official Rockstar Games website.