New Madden NFL 13 screenshot confirms Peyton Manning is still the ugliest player in football

EA's Madden NFL 13 may use a new Infinity Engine, but nothing can change the fact that Peyton Manning looks like the male version of Sarah Jessica Parker, or a horse.

He may have been the best quarterback in the NFL, and still may be, but new a newly released Madden NFL 13 screenshot of Peyton Manning in a Denver Broncos uniform confirms one thing that is not up for debate: he remains one of the ugliest to ever play the game. Boy, does he have a pretty throwing motion though.

The only person who may give him a run for his ugly money is his younger brother, Eli, who also looks like a horse. But at least he has two Super Bowls. Who knows, if his neck holds up he could help lead the Broncos deep into the playoffs.

Anyway, enjoy the screenshot and let us know if you think Peyton Manning will make the Denver Broncos a better team this year.