New League of Legends skins for Soraka, Draven, Renekton, and Nidalee

League of Legends just keeps pumping out amazing skins. Just yesterday Riot announced and put Celestine Soraka into the game. With this skin she finally looks like a fantasy cleric which fits her role as healer quite perfectly. I’ve had friends that have been asking for a new Soraka skin forever, and I know they will be more than pleased with this one.


The rest of these skins are on the horizon, so they aren’t live yet. First, there is a new Headhunter Nidalee skin that blows my mind. I haven’t seen a character model for it yet, but the splash art is among some of the best I’ve ever seen. There is something about the green armor plates that look almost modern, giving her this sort of modern vs. primal feel which I’m totally digging. You can this skin for 975 RP.

Headhunter Nidalee

Draven falls into that same category as Soraka. We all remember that Draven load-in screen in the gladiator pit with the crowd chanting “Draven!” Why not give the show boater an actual gladiator skin? Done and done. Gladiator Draven gets some new fire particles to go along with a pretty damn good looking skin.

Draven Gladiator

Last of the new skins is Renekton. The gator is getting a Scorched Earth skin to add to his collection. While I don’t have the splash art for this, I do have some in game shots to share.


[Surrenderat20 and LeagueOfLegends]