New League of Legends champ Zyra gets two pentakills in two minutes

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns was released today as League of Legends' 101st champion. She's an ability power champion that has a high skill cap. Zyra places seeds on the map that grant vision, but her other abilities also transform the seeds into plants that deal damage and slow. In addition to that, she has a large aoe ultimate that deals damage, knocks up enemy champions, and increases her plants' attack speed.

She looks like she's going to be a really strong AP mid in the right hands, but how good? Are we talking two pentakills in two minutes good? Thanks to League Epics from the YouTube channel Jump in the Pack, we can see a Zyra pull off what many would think to be impossible. With nothing but a Deathfire Grasp, Warmogs, Blasting Wand and Scorcerer's Shoes, she goes from 8/4/10 to 18/4/10 before you can say "Nerf Irelia." Yes, she gets a lot of help from her team, but skill combined with right time right place equals a truly impressive feat.

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