New Jersey gas station accidentally sells airplane fuel to cars

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who has ever wondered what would happen if you filled a car with airplane fuel.  He may not be real and sane, but I certainly remember that episode of Family Guy where Peter dreams of filling his truck up with airplane fuel to fly around link in Top Gun.  On second thought, that didn’t work out too good for him.

So in New Jersey, the state which brought such remarkable programming such as The Jersey Shore, a fuel tank truck accidently filled a gas station with kerosene instead of gasoline – oops.  As expected, cars came to said gas station and filled their vehicles with kerosene. 

Despite the mystery behind what will happen to these cars, this story ends rather anticlimactically.  The cars didn’t explode, move faster than the Flash, or allows the cars to fly.  Instead, the cars just stalled.  Cars are unable to combust this sort of fuel so nothing happened other than Taxi rides home.  While I’m glad no one was harmed, a BIT more excitement would have been nice. 

There is one more dream crushed.       


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