New Indie Royale lightning pack is all for charity

The new Indie Royale pack contains four indie games and three chiptune albums/EPs, all benefiting four distinctive charities.

Up for grabs is the physics puzzler Osmos, Erik Svedang's interactive fairytale Blueberry Garden, Wadjet Eye Games' 2D adventure The Shivah, and lastly Copenhagen Game Collective's local multiplayer party game B.U.T.T.O.N.. These games are playable on a number of operating systems and services, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam, and Desura.

Beating the minimum during this 90-hour sale period will lower the price for other customers, but anyone who pays at least $7 will receive three complimentary music selections: FX4 from Shantae and Retro City Rampage composer Jake Kaufman, Fez soundtrack creator Disasterpeace's 2008 Level, and a new EP from Super Time Force composer 6955 called IN1ep.

Customers can decide how to split funds between the four pre-chosen charities — UNICEF, Amnesty International, the EFF, and ActionAid — and 100% of proceeds will be donated.

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