New Hitman 3 trailer reveals you can play entire trilogy in PSVR

Hitman 3 was announced back in June at the PlayStation 5 event. While it’ll be on both current-gen and next-gen, PlayStation will have an exclusive feature: VR. This isn’t a one-off mode built specifically for the medium, the whole trilogy can be played in PlayStation VR.

This bombshell of an announcement comes via a new State of Play where first footage was debuted. It was previously announced the first two Hitman games would be available in Hitman 3, creating a central hub for this trilogy. Among being able to access these missions with new gear and mechanics created for the third game, you’ll also be able to play them in VR.

It seems that IO Interactive isn’t cutting any corners, you can read their statement on the VR mode in Hitman 3 below.

“HITMAN 3 is the end of the trilogy, but it’s only the beginning when we talk about HITMAN in VR. We’re proud to announce that we are bringing VR support to every location from all three games. That’s right! Every location from the World of Assassination trilogy can be played in VR, when you play them in HITMAN 3. We’re working to finalize the specifics for how PSVR owners can enjoy Hitman in VR, and we’ll have more details to share in the months ahead.”

IO also notes that PSVR will create new gameplay possibilities such as being able to deflect bullets with frying pans. While no platforms have been confirmed, it seems that this mode for will be on PS4 and PS5. There’s no word on whether this will make its way over to PC at any point.

Hitman 3 is slated to release in Janaury 2021 for next-gen and current gen consoles.