New Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn ‘Enlist’ teaser is chilling

Microsoft has released a new teaser for the upcoming Halo 4 live-action mini series, Forward Unto Dawn.

The new video enters the minds of three recruits as they enter Corbulo Academy of Military Science, the UNSC's premiere training facility. Hearing their thoughts and reasons behind enlisting paints a chilling picture, one that's quite realistic to today's world.

One of the recruits asks, "Will I be able to take another life?"

Before the teaser ends, it leaves you with this haunting foreshadow: "I don't think I could kill another human being…ever"

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is a five episode web-series that tells the story of how Master Chief inspired a young UNSC cadet, Thomas Lasky, who will eventually become a leader aboard the UNSC Infinity Spacecraft. Set to premiere on October 5, 2012, Forward Unto Dawn “tells an exciting story of heroism and sacrifice on a scale never before seen in the Halo universe."

It may not be the big Hollywood blockbuster that Microsoft has been aiming for with Halo, but with a supposed cost of around $5 to $10 million to produce, it's more than just a "purely promotional move". At the conclusion of the series, each episode, roughly 15 minutes in length, will be collected, along with 15 minutes of additional footage, into a 90-minute feature film. Who knows, if the buzz surrounding this grows loud enough, maybe we'll see Halo finally make its way to the big screen.

You can check out the official trailer for Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, which debuted first at Comic-Con.