New Guitar Hero reportedly coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Rock out with Activision on April 1

It sounds like Rock Band won't be the only rhythm-based video game franchise to be revitilaized this year. According to a now removed article from European magazine Gamereactor, Activision has plans to reveal an all-new Guitar Hero next month.

An invitation was reportedly sent out to German media outets, inviting them "rock the shack" with Activision in "Hamburg Rock City" on April 1. Given the date, it's easy to write this off as some April Fools' rumor, but seeing as how Activision is a publicly traded company, joking about a new game reveal probably isn't the best way to win over investors.

Activision's big reveal comes on the heels of Harmonix announcing the return of its own music-based franchise, Rock Band. Earlier this month, Harmonix announced that Rock Band 4 will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with more details coming in May.