New footage shows off Until Dawn as a first person PS3 game with Move support

What could have been

Until Dawn was almost a very different game from the one we got a year ago on PS4.

Initially announced at Gamescom 2012, Until Dawn was originally set to be a first-person PS3 game featuring PlayStation Move support. Players would navigate their way through dark and icy cabins using the Move controller to manage a flashlight.

We hadn’t seen any footage of this version until now, as YouTuber PtoPOnline found about 40 minutes worth of direct gameplay footage.

The actual gameplay starts around the 3:28 mark. You can tell this was an early build as there are a lot of framerate hitches and bugs, and the PS4 edition’s actors are nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to enjoy the Until Dawn we all got on PS4, as developer Supermassive Games already announced they will not be working on a sequel.