New episode of ‘Inside TERA’ talks combat and BAMs

Action MMO TERA officially released earlier this week and to celebrate its successful launch the game's publisher, Frogster, has released a new episode of "Inside TERA".

In this new video, the TERA team details the unique, action combat system which takes into account player skill as well as stats.  TERA offers all of the depth of a traditional MMO, but offers a combat system with an emphasis on position and timing.  This is easily one of the more impressive features of the game which looks to offer veteran MMO players something new.

That's not all, however.  Throughout your journey in TERA you are sure to run into the famous BAMs, or "big ass monsters".  When encountering these BAMs you will not only need skill, but strategy as well.  Don't let your guard down, keep moving and hit them harder than they hit you.  Ha, easier said then done.

With TERA fresh out the launch gate, there's no better time to join in the action.  Join forces with thousands of allies to save an endangered universe.  Check back today for the first part of our TERA review.