New ep. of Arkham Insider gives teases for next week’s Batman 1989 DLC pack

No word on a 1997 pack, so our dreams of Batnipples remain ash on our tongues.

Batman Arkham Knight delivers another DLC pack on Tuesday (Aug 18th) featuring the 1989 movie with new track designs, Batsuit and Batmobile skins and challenges. Preceding the arrival of the new content, Rocksteady Studios released a new episode of their podcast, Arkham Insider, that explores what will be dropping with 1989. 


The game’s Senior Environment Artist, Jody Sargent, explained, “I watched both of the films…and found all the best parts that I wanted to put into the tracks. We designed the tracks around being a film set themselves. We’ve basically taken the most iconic and best bits from the films and put them into this so you get experience all these locations that are iconic.” Sargent also pointed out how tracks themed for the Penguin’s lair as well as the Joker’s parade will be featured.