New Dragon Quest X job system details surface

Some new info regarding the job system in the upcoming Dragon Quest X has popped up. According to Andriasang, jobs are going to be more fleshed out. To put it plainly, they're actually going to be jobs, each with their own objectives and requirements. Rather than just being a regular ol' class, jobs will require players to do job-specific tasks. For example, you'll have to go out into the open world and collect items, craft, and even engage in side quests.

Players can get jobs at the Guild House. Depending on your job, you'll have to craft different types of items and take on varied quests. Items can be crafted by using recipes, and you can either keep these items or sell them. Crafting items will take place via mini-games, and there will be events that range in complexity for each of the job types.

The more you do, the more your skill level will rise. This will result in a nice payout for you in the form of cash and fame if you choose to sell your items. You'll be able to find different items and recipes around towns and in shops, but the special stuff will be tucked away in the open world of Dragon Quest X, confined to special treasure chests.

It seems like Square Enix's upcoming MMO for the Wii and Wii U is getting a fair amount of coverage in Japan. Here in North America, though, it isn't talked about all that much. That's a shame, because Dragon Quest X looks to be another potentially enjoyable title on the horizon for both Nintendo's current console and its future platform.