New Dragon Ball anime announced

Will continue after the events of Dragon Ball Z

You have to admit that Dragon Ball is kind of the new hotness again. I'm not talking about the semi-yearly video game releases we get that are based on the franchise, but more so about the two latest movies. It seems like Akira Toriyama wanted to gauge the interest in Dragon Ball Z with Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F, and based on the positive response, is now spearheading a completely new anime that actually takes place after the events of Dragon Ball Z. Because let's face it, no one is counting Dragon Ball GT as canon.

According to an announcement from the Japanese Yahoo News page, that Google so expertly (not) translated for me, the new Anime will apparently begin its broadcast in July, which means the show must have been in production for quite some time now.

The show's name is Dragon Ball Chou, which according to a Kotaku post means anything from Super, Hyper or Ultra. It's also a word that gets used a lot in the Japanese commercials for all things Dragon Ball, so it's fitting that the series gets that subtitle.

But of course the best news, which I've mentioned above, is that the show seemingly makes Dragon Ball GT even less relevant, as the story picks up after Goku defeats Buu, and the world is once again peaceful. But this wouldn't be Dragon Ball if peace wasn't crushed by some extremely powerful force.

I do wonder how the two new movies fit in with the series, as they both debuted a completely new Saiyan form, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (that one's a mouthful). It's not stated whether the show would take place immediately after the Buu saga, or whether it would pick up after the return of Frieza from the last movie.

Either way, this is exciting news! As someone who pretty much grew up on Dragon Ball Anime, I'm pretty pumped that my daughter will be able to more or less say the same.

[Top Image from Famitsu]