New Dishonored interactive video sends you on the ‘Path to Revenge’

Bethesda has released a new interactive video for their upcoming stealth-action game Dishonored. The choose your own adventure video contains a series of interactive videos that has you (playing as Corvo) set out to confront the High Overseer, the leader of a great cult dedicated to "loathing" someone known as "the outsider". 

The interactive branches give you a taste of the type of paths you can go about when playing Dishonored. In the game, and in this brief interactive experience, you can choose the stealth route to sneak around or a more violent approach to brutally slaughter your enemies. Be warned, not all of the paths will result in success, although the series does include a branch that allows for a non-violent playthrough.

It's all designed as part of Dishonored's "flexible combat system" which allows you to combine Corvo's supernatural abilities with technologically advanced weapons and gadgets to creatively eliminate your enemies. And trust me on this, there are plenty of ways to do so.

The video features extended content, with a few minor spoilers, but really gives you a good idea with what to expect when Dishonored releases come October 9, 2012.