New Destiny trailer highlighting PS3, PS4 exclusives

Destiny is set to releasing in about two weeks on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One – but it's hitting two of those consoles with some exclusive content.

PS3 and PS4 players can expect some special treatment with Destiny's release. While the exclusive content is timed…it's timed for quite a while — until Fall of 2015 to be exact. A video to highlight this extra content was so very necessary, because – let's face it – it has some pretty sweet things.

Here are the details on the exclusive content:


Dust Palace

Deep in the Dust Palace, a skyscraper buried deeply in the sands of Mars, the Cabal have captured a human Golden Age artificial intelligence construct that still hums with life. Fight through the Cabal army. Defeat the Psion Flayers. Reclaim the construct.

  • An exclusive three-player cooperative Strike that can be played with friends, or matchmade.

  • Track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper buried in the shifting dunes of Mars and face a new enemy, the Psion Flayers.  

Competitive Multiplayer Map

Exodus Blue

Out among the ruins of the Cosmodrome lies the Colony Ship Exodus Blue. This long-dead vessel once brought hope and humanity to worlds beyond Earth. Now it’s a battlefield for our greatest champions. Here, Guardians challenge one another, forging a new hope and future in the fires of the Crucible.

  • Exodus Blue is a mid-sized Crucible arena that pair perfectly with Control and Skirmish game modes.

  • Broken pipes at the edge of the dry-dock provide an ideal route and vantage point for players who prefer ranged combat cover.

  • Broken arms from a massive shipbuilding crane have smashed down onto train transports, providing those looking for close quarters combat a unique entrance to the interior.

Gear Sets

Manifold  – Warlock

  • The Manifold Seeker armor was built to help Warlocks survive the secret realms of the Vex. Don it and brave the pocket worlds buried in the nameless depths trapped beyond space and time.

Vanir – Titan

  • A battle-tested armor set forged to protect Titans against the heavy firepower of the Cabal. Vigilantly walk the frontier prepared for anything the enemy will throw at you.

Argus — Hunter

  • A durable all-environment wire-weave for those out to scout the frontier. Break any Fallen stronghold and know you will survive.   


Monte Carlo: Exotic Assault Rifle

Hawkmoon: Exotic Hand Cannon

Player Ships

“Aurora Wake”

  • A hull lined with arcane instruments, crafted by a circle of Warlocks – gifting the ship with a preternatural sense for the strange.

“Crypt Hammer”

  • A deep-strike insertion variant, built to carry Guardians safely through contested space. Carries hardpoints once used to hold Suros TL-SEAD anti-radiation missiles.

“Outrageous Fortune”

  • A rugged, versatile explorer for those ready to gamble everything in search of ancient secrets and alien power.