New Batman: Arkham Origins character revealed

Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle, was revealed as the new character in Batman: Arkham Origins.

For those unfamiliar, Barbara is the daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner James W. Gordon. Forbidden from joining the GCPD due to her father's overprotectiveness, Barbara eventually takes on the identity of Batgirl. I won't spoil the rest of her story — seeing as how it might unfold in Arkham Origins — but let's just say something forces her to adopt the new identity of Oracle and aid Batman in other ways.

"In Batman: Arkham Origins, players are introduced to a teenage girl by the name of Barbara – someone who fans will later come to know as Oracle," the description of the image reads. "As the daughter of police captain James Gordon, Barb meets Gotham’s mysterious masked vigilante for the first time."

I'm assuming Arkham Origins, being a predecessor to the other games in the series, will introduce Barbara, show her become Batgirl, and possibly why she adopts the new identity of Oracle. What do you think of the new reveal?